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22nd February 2021

Words by Uzoma. Photography by Jéssica Felício.

Young Australian poet Uzoma is sharing her words and her delicate strength with this DEAR NOAH within this poem. In her letter which is a call of resilience and ode to love, care and kindness, she reminds us how multifaceted we are.

You are Love.

In a world that doesn’t always see the real You,

I am constantly in awe of Your strength.

to stand out when You don’t always feel like it

to feel when it is expected that You won’t

to do, in times when I would have given up.

so deserving You are of a reality that could be mistaken for paradise

that gets You drunk off opportunity

and fuels Your passion, for dreams that always come true.

it is all waiting for You

one tomorrow, or another

sometime between now and forever

and we’ll all be overwhelmed with bliss,

watching your future unfold

Dear Noah, with love; always.

Uzoma (pronounced ooh-zoh-ma) is a bright and insightful young Australian poet.

Taking inspiration from everything around her, Uzoma has a myriad of creative methods and forms of expression for which she chooses to explore herself and the world around her.

In order to write her poetry, she may begin with identifying an emotion and proceeding to describe it. Other times, she may begin with a situation in mind and work backwards to unpack the way it makes her feel. Either way, Uzoma is passionate about utilising her poetry to make sense of her thoughts and feelings. It is her way of healing, and she hopes it provides a sense of this for you too.

IG @uzomapoetry

Beth Tate is an American photographer and videographer based in Texas.

IG @beth_tate_

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