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DEAR NOAH is a visual time capsule and an open love letter to the next generation illustrating and documenting the worldwide human right movement of 2020.


May – June 2020 is witnessing a historical civil right movement at a global scale – US, the UK, France, Germany,...


This movement, ignited by the traumatic death of George Floyd and led by the initiative"Black Lives Matter", is demanding to end systemic racism, to finish with discrimination towards Black People, to stop police brutality and is asking White People to acknowledge their privileges so that they could act as allies and become anti-racist.

In the past, there were several civil right movements, demanding equality for black people.


Today, many are saying that “this time” this is different, that our generation is the one who will be spoken about in the future as the one who made it happen.


Will it?

To all the mamas

 In his last moments, George Floyd called his Mama. This was actually his last word -  “Mama” - spoken with his last vital effort as he could not breathe.


When he called for his mother, Black mothers felt pain, because they are someone’s Mama.


When one Black Child dies due to systemic racism, all the Black mothers feel pain because they worry every day about their Black sons an daughters going out in the world, preparing them for what the world is and “having the talk” early on.


In 2020, even Black Womxn who did not have children worried about their children but in some extent, as well, some of them felt hope

A LOVE Letter

Journaling is both therapeutic and cathartic.

Writing a letter to someone we love, putting our thoughts into words, can act as an outlet.


Over the last two weeks, we had been battling with so many different feelings and had difficulties grasping what we felt - how we felt, what we feared, what we hoped for, how we wanted NOW to be remembered, how we want this movement to start uncomfortable conversations, how to process trauma, how to keep going…

How about writing a love letter to the children of the world?

A record of this unprecedented time.

The record of

a civil right movement

This is what Dear Noah is about.


Yes, a record about May - June 2020 to remember and to document this historic movement creatively.


It is also an genuine outlet and a love gesture towards the next generation, the children of today and the adults of tomorrow for them to remember how far we went, how far we are going and what is possible.


And hopefully, when they will look back at 2020, they will look at it as the generation which made it happen, as the cataclysm which sparks a movement.

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