Dear Amayah.

Imagine relocating from France to Germany for a fresh start in 2020?! 

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Dear Salem & Saige.

Award-winning writer A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez's powerful loving words to her children.


Dear Inaya.

Strength, love and kindness coming from Benin in the letter of Blogger Astrid Djidjoho,


Dear Noah.

Deep dive into French past as a colonial empire and how it shapes some of Alix's heritage.


Dear Roxy.

In her letter, Roxane Angoua is speaking to her younger self to remind her that she/they survive.


Dear Luzolo.

A heartfelt story of 2020 in the words of Abeba Ngwe.

dear hugo dear noam
Dear Noah by Tina Tona

My dear children.

A gesture of unconditional love through this love letter written by Activist Chiguecky Ndengila.

Self-Portrait by Danielle James

Little Me.

In her letter, Danielle James is remind us that 'we got this'.

I am here

Dear Isaac.

A heartfelt ode to a common heritage and what it means to be born Black in the UK.

Credits: Andrew Donovan Valdivia

You are Love.

Discover poem by Australian writer Uzoma, a true ode to resilience.

Credits: Maatla Seetelo

Dear Iman.

Fueled with some 2020 energy, Mariama Diaby is retracing the pivotal civil rights movement

Credits: Julian Myles

Dear Maya.

In her letter, UK Blogger Gabriela is reinforcing a self-love message  'we are worthy of love.'

Credits_  Leighann Blackwood

Dear Noah.

Today, we are proud to share with you a letter, which really is a poem by storyteller and Zambezian Artchivist Banji Chona


Letter to the World.

As we are entering the last week of 2020, discover our second letter from France... A review of the year and a message to 2021.



We are continuing our focus on France with this letter. A year which started for the first time with Black beauty pageants...


How it started...

Read the introduction letter from our editor published 5 months ago...


Where it's going.

5 months later and already November. 2 months left in 2020, where are we now? 



Introducing DEAR NOAH's first ever love letter. we hope you will like it.