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22nd March 2021.

Words by Shiroe Zita. 

In her letter, Writer Shiroe Zita celebrates being Black & British in 2020.

Mangrove, 1st December 2020


Dear Isaac,


Black British identity is still at its prime, we are breaking apart what previously caused a divide. But what I know is that it’s finally simmering down.


The love within us is growing everyday, blooming like the daffodils in the Spring time.


Some of our confused parents were not taught to love themselves or their community properly.

A brainwash that caused a divide the colonial man strived for. It’s up to you to break apart from that generational self-hatred and learn about what is you.


A Black Britain, A Black Briton. A lover of Garage music and Grime at its Prime. If I’m feeling lonely Slow Bashment is my lock and key, but I can’t go wrong with Drill and Rap because they help out with my sanity, A culture we brought to the table when we needed it with urgency.


New York Rappers using our beats, because there is something special about being Black in Britain, We were waiting to be mined out of the core of the Earth, but the wait proved too long. And we used the pressure from our issues to form diamonds within us.


We are the reason that Bashment and Afrobeat had to combine into what we Afro Swing,

we needed a sound to represent what we represent.


We are the new generation of Black Britons and I am proud.

We have found our identity, we are coming together,

We are better than ever.


You deserve to be Patriarchal, because you can’t afford not to be.

And do not let anybody tell you any different.



Black Lives Matter.

Shiroe Zita is a British content creator and writer. Her writing includes poetry or reporting everyday social issues that she experiences and observes from the world around her. She wrote for Worth Of Mouth Youth magazine and MamboZuri.

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