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Dear Black Womxn,

In the last two weeks, have you feared for the children you do not have?


Dear Black Mothers,

In the last two weeks, have you feared for your children?

Have you considered writing a love letter to these children

to encapsulate and process what you are feeling right now?

Dear Black womxn,

  • Have you thought about the children you do not have and feared for them? Have you felt for your nephews, nieces, your cousins during this time picturing the conversation you might have with them about what is happening now?

  • Even if having children is not something you want to have, have you during this time thought about the next generation and think “what will they remember, what will they think about May – June 2020, what would they make of it? What do I want to say to them about it?”

  • What about encapsulating your thoughts, fears, hope, experiences… into a love letter to them?


Dear Black mothers,

  • Love letter - Would you like to share how you would have addressed May - June 2020 with your children writing them a letter sharing with them what this crucial time is for you and how you feel about it?

  • Children & Mother portraits - part of the project are photography pictures representing Motherhood in May - June 2020. The photography will include yourself and your children / some of your children. The photographies will be taken in a photo studio in London, Paris, Berlin and the US (location – to be defined).



Write the letter you will write to your children / nephews / nieces or even the children you do not have explaining what the human right movement of May - June 2020 is for you, what you would like them to know, say to them about it and what you are feeling about May – June 2020.

  • Start the letter by “Dear + the name / the nickname of the child you are addressing the letter to

  • Your letter should be anonymous, please sign your first name or the way your children are calling you. It is totally up to you but please do not add your surname

  • The letter should be no more than 600 words

  • Your letter can be written in English, French or German.

  • The letter should be sent as a PDF document


If you are interested in taking part, please email with your name and your letter.



A shoot will be organised in several venues. (in London, Paris, Berlin and the US depending on travel restrictions).


If you are interested in taking part, please email with your surname, first name, location, age, number of children you would like to be photograph with, your IG handle.

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